• Package: 5 gallon unit (5000 s/f per pail)
  • Pallet amount: 24 pails per pallet
  • Must order by pallet amount of 24
  • Price is $75.00 per pail (.015 per s/f)
  • It comes from the FOSTER Plant in Houston, TX
  • 8 or more pallets gets you free freight
  • Product is pre-diluted and is ready to use (no mixing with water)
  • EPA Approved for uses to include hospitals (you know it works if EPA approved for hospitals)
  • Food preparation safe (if you use on food prep areas, you must rinse)
  • NO RINSE is needed unless it is a food prep table or areas that come in direct contact with food
  • 10 business day lead time.
  • This is going to be a an important product to add to projects as the public is going to be hyper sensitive about keeping areas free of viruses and bacteria. The NEW NORMAL!

Foster 40-80 -- First Defense


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